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How safe are our MotoGirl Kevlar Leggings?

Motorcycle PPE Regulation

Our Testing Process
Our Results:

The two layers in our MotoGirl leggings produced a result of 4 seconds, improving the abrasion we have inserted a 3rd layer (marked "2" in diagram below) of material in-between the kevlar and the heavy duty abrasion resistant fabric to increase the abrasion of the impact areas of the legging (knee and hip area). We are working on a few exciting products and materials.... our aim is to get to a CE Approved garment with "AA rating" with the new PPE regulations.

Knee & Hip Protection

Increasing your safety we are using CE Approved Level 2 protection. (EN 1621-1, Type B Level 2) (certificates available upon request)

The hip and knee protectors are yellow coloured, moulded Elastopan impact material.  It is designed to reduce impact, high shock absorption and reduce the severity of injuries in the event of an accident.​​​​​​​


Customer testing & feedback:
We have a group of around 30 ladies short, tall, regular size from size UK4 to UK28.  Before we put any product into production we get samples send to all our lady testers!  These ladies have been carefully selected, ladies who ride a lot, honest, critical feedback, good or bad!

We do not simply adjust the length and waist to fit our short and tall ladies, instead we use the international standard sizing measurements which we adjust with feedback from the ladies to suite different riding positions.  We remove some of the excess material behind the knee, to increase comfort on your motorcycle.

Our high waist band not only look fashionable (like the high waist you now get on the high street) but also prevent showing off your bum when riding ;-)

​​​​​​​On sizing we try our best to manufacture true to size by using some popular high street brands sizing measurements as a starting point.  We adjust the sizing almost in every second batch with surveys and feedback from ladies to ensure we can cater for the mass!  As you know, some of us are hour glass, pear shape, small waist, straight waist, big calves, small calves, big tummy, small tummy..... we can not please all but we will continue to try our best!

Crash product feedback:
Jo -
"Good morning, wanted
to say how sorry I am that I tested your kevlar leggings that I
purchased this summer, on Sunday morning. They held up very well saving my
knee and backside. The outer layer is shredded but the kevlar did it's
job. I cannot stress enough what a great product you have and how thankful
I am that I had them on​​​​​​​"


Below an example from a lady who crashed at 65mph, notice that only the 1st Abrasion Layer was torn, the 2nd and 3rd layer (kevlar) was still in tact.... and then you still have the knee protectors!

How does MotoGirl compare to other brands of Kevlar Leggings?
How to look after your leggings!
We increased our dye in our leggings late 2017, thus you should not experience any fading, but like all materials over time with sun and washing they might change a little colour. We recommend you give it a rinse in cold water, and lay flat to dry to maintain the positioning of the two layers.  Note that you should remove the protectors and turn the leggings inside out before you put it in the washing machine!
Do not lay on the bed and get the other half or a friend to pull with force to get the leggings off, you will damage and snap the thread.
We happy to reply to any other questions you might have!