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**New** Lara Cargo Trousers

The most comfortable trousers for me.  I wear them all day at the office, and just add my protectors before I go home.

I suggest wear for a few hours around the house.  You will feel they stretch a little and give that little extra where needed.  When you wash them then they take their form back.  

We added 4 waist adjusters this will help if you have a small waist and bigger booty, or simply to get rid of the gaping at the back when sitting on the bike.

We have played around with the zips on these trousers.

  • a little coin zip inside the front pocket
  • one leg pocket with zip and magnet closure
  • the other a pocket with magnet closure if you quickly need to chuck your phone or wallet in your pocket

We hope you lovem!  Any feedback on the fitting, sizing welcome and please send us pictures.

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